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We are a Purpose Driven Design & Innovation Company highly specialised in product design and digital manufacturing.

We design and manufacture products designed to solve social and environmental problems. We conduct educational activities in the field of product design and digital fabrication, for adults and children. 

We carry on awareness initiatives on the topic of planned obsolescence and the use of digital fabrication as a tool to fight it. 

In Tuma Studio we put society and biosphere first. We are always updated and at the forefront in the choice of environmentally sustainable and easily recyclable materials, always maintaining a high level of performance. We only choose to pursue projects that have the ultimate goal of improving people’s lives and preserving/caring for the biosphere. We strongly believe that planned obsolescence must be defeated and that there must be a return to produce fewer products that are easy to be repaired and last longer.

Our courses/workshops want to plant a seed of hope for a society that will be more cohesive and empathic towards the world it lives in a decade from now.

Awareness-raising initiatives aim to redevelop traditional crafts and arts with the help of digital fabrication and a more conscientious use of raw materials, and to make people aware of the problems that afflict society and the biosphere with a focus on craftsmanship and environmental cleanliness.